Thursday, November 13, 2008

when peppy days became pulsating ones..!

I apologise for the caption 'coming soon' which had been living on in this post for nearly a month now, and yeah, it still does exist, coz I just used it.. :D

How much more screwed up can life get..? I hardly have time to fill rubbish in this blog..! The semesters are a pain in the neck, and the way you get screwed by them, its even more pathetic. I am just referring to today's 'theory of computation' paper for which I had prepared earnestly, and then what happens..? Shit happens! I get a paper which looks pleasing on the eye, but I and many others(got company!) end up messing up every question because I do not know if the answer I've just arrived at is the perfect one..! As if that wasn't enough, I forget my wallet in the forest(my college! coz its deep inside the 'tambaram forest') and reach GST road.. all coz of this crazy examiner who says 'no wallets allowed for the exam'..! What am i going to do with a wallet..?? Is it going to tell me something during the exam or am i going to 'bit adichify' from that..!?!? Irritating..! I encouter that horrible journey to the forest once again, and luckily my wallet is just where i had left it.. And amazingly, the 100's inside are intact.. Who cares abt the money, the wallet was more precious to me..! I've been having it for some 10yrs now..!

I get out of the college and the stupid security says 'no more buses.. onli at 4.15..'.. and I look at my watch which says 2:30pm..! Irritation yet again..! Luckily a blessed soul turns up, he wuz going back home and he had come by car.. I smile, and make him an offer he cant refuse(godfather style). I get dropped on gst road.. and then the 170A takes me home..!

Er.. I've been posting under the wrong topic all this while, so lets make that right.. Straight into the story for this post.. Flashback.. buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..!!

A kid is born, his attachment towards the word 'vroom' is more than his attachment with anything else, and then he earns himself a 3-wheeled cycle.. He drives it inside the house like a crazy kid, takes it to the limit and breaks it into pieces.. Now thats the requirement for upgrading the vehicle, and 'upgrade', his dad does for him.. The now-LKG kid gets a 'bsa champ', drives it like crazy yet again.. for 6yrs..! Luckily it doesn break this time around, enabling good old dad to preserve it for poor old sis..! The kid was one level above everyone on wheels, but as time went on, the others went ahead leaving the poor old kid as shocked as chelsea were when they lost to 'burnley'..!

Ok..! The kid is me.. I'm bored of writing kid kid kid in every sentence, hence i shall continue with an easier 'I' here on..!

Seventh standard came, and it was time for 'Hercules Axn', the red beauty which to this very day rots downstairs in my apartment's cycle stand..! I wanted to cycle to school..! Watching swatkats everyday, watching razor ride his 'cyclotron' in style got me more irritated.. I wanted to prove my swatkat style and I wasn't given the chance..! It took me another 2 yrs to get the green from the 'scared' parents to go to school by cycle..! Man, I had to wait, wait and wait..! And then after 2 more yrs, cylces were 'history'.. The sound of engines excited me more now.. The only two wheeler at home was a godforsaken scooty, not even an easy start model, but I have to admit, it was heaven then..!

Psbb was flooded with two wheelers, my own section was.. Sa came by scooty, Yesh came by scooty and even girls who could hardly walk came by two wheelers.. Irritated, I really was! Hence I irritated everyone at home and got the green yet again..! It sure felt great to zoom to school at 8:20am(ten minutes late as ever)..

Two years went by, college life came calling, but the scooty still stayed..! The upgrade never seemed to happen.. I had even mastered cars by then. That super CityZX drive to pondicherry and back, was one classic trip.. But then, on two wheels, I was still stuck up with the scooty..

And then came 2008.. The calls of 'bike bike bike' went unheard at home.. But atleast, the scooty was now deemed to be too old..! And then came in the Scooty pep, it was the only vehicle that my mum found easy to ride..! Couldn't even convince her for an Activa..! The pep inaugurated my 'peppy days'.. It was a real pleasure to ride this little black machine which never let me down in traffic signals where I could show that 'the bike never mattered, only the rider did', during those numerous times when i raced easily, the so called 'cc' power bikes, tearing them apart with that peppy pick up..! But as time went on, it became a tough job to take the vehicle twice a week to adyar for the CAT classes.. It was time to change the peppy days into pulsating ones.. Argument after argument, home was the place where I experienced the two ever oscillating feelings- 'going to get the bike soon' and 'will never get a bike in this birth'..!

But in the end, I managed to put up a real emotional show, which propelled good ol' dad to go to the bajaj 'probiking' showroom and book a pulsar 200.. 'Black' it was.. The bike landed where it had to one fine October evening. 11th to be precise..! My dream was realized.. It had been my dream for more than a year now..!

A girl once said to me "I want to see you on a 'pulsar', 'yours', and a 'black' one.." It was decided then, that this would be my only choice.. And I ended up sticking to it, though the real irony was that I couldn't show the bike to the very soul who wanted me to get it.. She was more interested in her space ride to heaven..

Crazy life..!

The bike has been my best friend of late, that good a friend that I've thrown the 'my girlfriend' tag around it..! Its been 350kms of probiking experience so far, a noiseless classy engine and lastly.. mind blowing pick up..

200 - yo! thats the name..!! when peppy days became pulsating ones..!


CkisgoD said...

gr8 post :D

lookin 4wd to it..

Deepak said...

Man!! this is the best blog I've ever read!! seriously its NO flowery talk... Really hilarious :) :) ... I laughed my ass off readin the posts... good work bro.. keep it goin .. cheers

barry said...

lol.. m flattered..! :D

therz some1 who likes all da bullshit i rite.. cool..! :D

thnx..! :)

Vinay said... this purse thing is seriously getting on my nerves too..last exam I was asked to "throw away my purse and my hanky" and the examiner strip-searched me for a full five mins before he let me go.

The time I wrote TOC, I went into depression for a week or so. Cuz I had never written a paper not knowing what I am writing and what I am supposed to write. I managed to scrape thru with 36 and 14 courtesy some divine intervention.

Swatkats was one helluva craze, but come to think bout it, two cats in a dumpyard with uber cool machines..sounds too far fetched

And I personally feel that all guys who drive scooty pep should be honored for the pain and suffering we go thru. And by far, black is the only respectable color and the worshtu color being pink...

u have a point there prp's pickup i s truly amazing

barry said...

yeah.. u managed to scrape thru toc.. i doubt my ability to accomplish that feat..!

and mate.. its a cartoon, swatkats was too much intelligence for a cartoon, can never find fault there..! alwayz the best cartoon ever made..

nd more than the back ache, i've experience wrist aches more during my peppy drives..

ranjani rajagopal said...

screwing exams::: u've got company everywhere... no frets!!
whoappa....u've almost put up a biography there!!
and pep z still goin strong!!!
so gr8:) vrooom onnn with ur pulsating days!!!

Karthik said...

gr8 post!!! Really humorous!!